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Yeah, I finally opened a Pixel-art site. I wanted since a long time, but i was too lazy. As for the title, my blog is named fallengosdess, so I wanted a bit the same title. If you are the 5000th visitor, tell me you'll have a gift. I wanted to thx a lot dabYo who helped me with this design.

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23 april New dollz. 19 December> New bases, new gifts (thx so much) and new dollz
3 december> New design, and lots of updates ^o^
12 November> looking to my stats, i saw than 30% of my visitor are not french, so fallenpixel is now in english ^^
8 octobre Une nouvelle base et bientot la fin du concours Célé base edit ^^
15 Aout. Oui oui , apres un design tres tres rose bas, jai cedé a mes envies de design bein bien sombre X3 donc remaniement ^_^ enjoy ;p. mise a jours des gitf, du contest, des dollz etc ^_^
13 Aout demenagement du site sur un compte a part, apparement sa plaisait pas a free avant XD
28 mai > Ouverture du site ^___^

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